A new website for Comilog

The Group continues to harmonize its websites with a brand-new, revamped webpage for Comilog. Read on to find out more. 


Un nouveau site internet…

Last July, GCO got to show off its new website; now, it’s Comilog’s turn. The new page features everything you need to know about the company, including its history, projects, and CSR commitments, along with news stories, photos, and videos. 

This is the second subsidiary website developed entirely in-house, this time by Comilog itself, with the support of the Group’s Communications Department, the Mining & Metals Division, and the IT Department. The project was completed in commando mode in just six weeks. 

"This new, ‘home-made’ website is fully in line with the Cash Control Plan, as it was developed faster and cheaper by collaborating in-house. Additionally, insourcing this type of project gave us greater agility and allowed us to guide the development of this site and flesh it out over time," says André Massard, Director of Communications at Comilog. 

The site is part of Eramet’s push to help all of its subsidiaries optimize their digital communications and put forward a strong, consistent graphical identity specific to the Group. SLN and Setrag should also have their new websites by the end of the year.

Screenshots of Comilog's new website homepage

…and a new Eramet brochure in Gabon

A new brochure, “Essentiel Gabon”, is also available. Featuring employee testimonials, location maps, key figures, and stories on the Group’s activities, commitments, and prospects, the document provides all the essential information on Comilog and Setrag, the Group’s two Gabonese subsidiaries.