Comilog and the Gabonese State set up a fund dedicated to local populations

On Friday, October 2, an addendum to the mining agreement between Comilog and the Gabonese State was signed. Its purpose? The creation of two funds dedicated to the populations and to the local economy.

Signature of the CSR addendum to the mining agreement between Comilog (Eramet Group) and the Gabonese State

Eramet and Comilog have just created a CSR fund to finance new development programs for the benefit of the people of Gabon. "This major agreement is further proof of Comilog and the Eramet group's commitment to the country. These funds will enable us to further boost the economic benefits of our operations for the country," Léod-Paul Batolo, Administrator-CEO of Comilog, told Gabonese Prime Minister Rose Christiane Ossouka Raponda and Oil, Gas and Mines Minister Vincent de Paul Massassa. "Today we inaugurate a new dynamic that will benefit communities. I am proud of these multiple contributions wich significantly improve the Gabonese populations’ living conditions. With these concrete commitments through Comilog and Setrag, the Group confirms its position as a major social and economic partner of Gabon," explained Christel Bories, CEO of Eramet, after the signing of a CSR addendum.

Indeed, as part of the framework of the mining agreement between Comilog and the Gabonese State, the addendum signed on Friday, October 2, in Moanda, stipulates that the fund set up by Comilog will be entirely dedicated to the economic development of the country and the implementation of a vigorous social policy; in particular, this will include actions to promote employment and training, as well as infrastructural development. This funding represents 2% of the Gabonese subsidiary's operating income. To note: in 2019, Comilog’s societal contribution in the Moanda area reached 11 billion CFA francs.

The official agreement was signed by the Oil, Gas and Mines Minister and Léod-Paul Batolo. 

A second fund has been created, with matching funds from the Gabonese State, which will enable the company to carry out local socio-economic and retraining projects, which is provided for in the Mining Code.

Meeting between Christel Bories, Eramet's CEO, and Ali Bongo Ondimba, Gabon's president

Christel Bories also met with Ali Bongo Ondimba, the Gabonese president, and other officials from the country, to discuss the partnership between the Eramet group and the Gabonese State and to celebrate all the positive aspects of this cooperation.

Inauguration of the new main road in Moanda, a project that was entirely funded by Comilog (Eramet Group)

The trip was also an opportunity to make on-site visits and to meet with the Setrag and Comilog management teams.

On the same day in Moanda, a ceremony was held in the presence of the prime minister and the general coordinator of presidential affairs of Gabon, Noureddin Bongo, as well as other officials, in order to inaugurate a series of new roads that have been built in the town, the teleconsultation room at the Marcel Abéké hospital and the town’s Samu Social (a humanitarian emergency service), all of which were entirely funded by Comilog.