Transportation in Gabon: Setrag launches its first website!

With a new website and a mobile application, Setrag enters the digital era. The best way to boost rail transport.


After having joined social media last year, Setrag now owns its own website and associated mobile app.

Why now? "This website meets a demand: the need to ward off the lack of information that was noted both by Setrag itself and by public authorities," explains Christian Magni, deputy managing officer of Setrag during the press conference held for the launch of the website and app on September 30 in Owendo (Gabon).

The website and the app are also meeting a growing demand for information, a demand which is directly linked to a strong increase in the number of passengers since last year. These new media thus allow Setrag to better communicate with a growing number of commuters, to improve the visibility of its brand and services, and, in the words of the deputy managing officer, to "relieve the congestion at the Owendo train station."

This website and this app are part of Setrag’s CSR strategy, which focuses on the development of local communities, and is actually about working with Gabonese subcontractors. These new tools has thus been created in collaboration with Yubile, a young startup from Libreville which specializes in software and web development.

The website includes a presentation of Setrag, its values and its CSR strategy; a careers section; a listing and map of the stations; commercial offers for people and businesses; the different types of products proposed by Setrag; recommendations for passengers; company news; and a newsletter for commuters.

But Setrag does not intend on stopping here since it’s also planning to add online sales to its website and app: "Commuters will be able to buy their tickets on their tablets or smartphones, without having to go to the train station, which was the case until today. This project is currently being rolled out, we are waiting for all our stations to be connected to the Internet, and this operation will be possible in the coming weeks or months," indicates Christian Magni.