Our shareholding

The shareholding corresponds to all of the owners of the capital of Eramet in the form of shares.

Our shareholding

Eramet's share capital, as of at December 2018 amounted to €81,239,446.20 represented by 26,635,884 shares with a nominal value of €3.05, all of the same class and fully paid up. Each share registered for a period of two years in the name of one same shareholder is granted double voting rights.

Breakdown of share capital

As of December 31, 2018, Eramet's share capital breaks down as follows (see graphics below).

Shareholding Famille DUVAL + SORAME + CEIR : 36,94%  APE : 25,57%  STCPI : 4,02%  BRGM : 1,34%  Autres : 32,13%

Number of issued shares: 26,635,884

  • SORAME and CEIR (36.94%°: companies controlled by the Duval family.

  • APE (25.57%): Agence des Participations de l’Etat (Government Shareholding Agency). Agency which represents the French Government, directly under the ministry of economy and finance supervision, and which acts as an equity investor in companies deemed strategically important by the Government.

  • STCPI (4.02%): Société Territoriale Calédonienne de Participation Industrielle, owned by the New Caledonian provinces.

  • BRGM (1.34%): Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (French Geological Survey - French State).

  • Others (32.13%).

The 1999 shareholders' agreement between SORAME-CEIR and AREVA is continued in the shareholders' agreement entered into on March 16, 2012 between the FSI and SORAME-CEIR with regard to Eramet.

This shareholders' agreement will then be extended by tacit renewal in one-year periods, unless termination is notified by either of the parties to the other, providing at least one month's notice before the expiration of the current period. This shareholders' agreement has been extended for a period expiring December 31, 2017.