Eramet Marketing Services: a new marketing company for the Eramet Group

Eramet Marketing Services is an entity created to focus entirely on the marketing of manganese, nickel and mineralized sands.


Resulting from the merger on January 1, 2021 of Eramet Comilog and Eramet Nickel, this company brings together all the support departments (purchasing, human resources, etc.) for the various operational entities and businesses of the Eramet Group's Mining and Metals Division. As such, it is a vital link between the operational teams in the mines and processing plants and the customers. 

The full spectrum of our products — from manganese to nickel and mineral sands — is now being marketed via this single point of entry. The aims?

  • Streamlining the sales process as well as management and invoicing.
  • Responding to market needs as effectively as possible, via:
    • a network of international sales offices, located as close as possible to customers;
    • a global and integrated supply chain management system to ensure competitive transport costs;
    • regular cooperation with customers to ensure optimal use of our products in their manufacturing process.


Sales Director of the Mining and Metals Division

Eramet Marketing Services will enable us to further enhance our business performance. We are gaining in efficiency and performance, which is a major factor in increasing customer satisfaction.