Publication of the gender equality index

Gender equality is a long-term commitment for the Eramet Group. Women account for 17% of the Group’s total workforce, and 24.7% of its management workforce. Action has been taken both Group-wide and locally in order to promote our careers to women and highlight the provisions of our collective gender-equality agreements, which have been signed at numerous sites in France.

In May 2018, the French government presented a comprehensive action plan to combat sexist and sexual violence and put an end to the gender pay gap. Legislative measures were adopted in the “Act for the Freedom to Choose One’s Future Career”, promulgated on September 5, 2018.

Pursuant to this law, the government devised an index composed of 5 indicators, which gives a score out of 100. This index must be published annually and monitored by companies over three years. Action plans must be prepared to achieve the target score of 75 out of 100.

For the purposes of this monitoring, Eramet has elected to use the calendar year as its reference period, i.e. January 1 to December 31 of the year preceding publication.

Index results for Eramet Group companies are as follows:

Eramet Gender Equality Index 2020 Data

Note: the index could not be calculated for UKAD, MKAD, Erasteel Champagnole, or Comilog Dunkerque.

2020 Index published on March 1, 2021.


1 UES Aubert & Duval and Interforge
2 UES Eramet Comilog Manganese-Eramet Nickel (Eramet Marketing Services since January 1, 2021)