Contribute: A responsible, proactive corporate citizen

Active in over 20 countries, Eramet is taking action to protect the world around it. But our ambition reaches beyond this: we want to have a positive impact on local populations and local areas.


A conscious citizen of the world

The world around us is in the midst of a transformation and has no choice other than to take up the challenge of the energy transition. This situation is at the very heart of the major strategic reflection that now steers our efforts. Our goal is to interweave performance with responsibility. This is the guiding force behind our investments in the metals of the future, which are set to play a key role in energy storage.

This strategic choice also means adopting a different perspective on all of our activities, transitioning from merely following the rules to taking a proactive approach. The objective isn't just to be a profitable company but a partner that is universally reliable and positively contributes to the well-being of populations, its immediate surroundings and the planet. 

Virginie de CHASSEY

Virginie de CHASSEY Communication and Sustainable Development director

Fully aware of the challenges facing our planet, our action aims to provide a positive contribution to communities.

A concrete action plan

To convert these objectives into actions, in 2018 we drew up a highly ambitious societal commitment agenda. Acting as the link between our CSR priorities and our strategic orientations, this CSR roadmap is based on three core areas and 13 objectives paired with measurable targets, to be met by 2023. At each of our sites, we're taking action now to:

  • Commit to our people, including on health, safety, dialogue and quality of life. The deployment of our activities needs to facilitate the growth of both our employees and local communities.

Developing quinoa farming in Argentina

As part of our lithium mining project in Argentina, in the Andes, our teams have set up several initiatives aimed at local inhabitants. One of the most ambitious is the Quewar programme, which aims to develop quinoa farming in a region where this know-how had died out. From training local farmers to planting crops, building a crop collection centre and setting up a cooperative, this initiative opens up economic prospects particularly for women in the region, strengthens the community and diversifies and enriches dietary habits, while also raising awareness of environmental issues in the region (harnessing water resources and protecting the soil).

  • Positively contributing to the planet: at our 50 sites around the world, we're taking action to cut our air emissions. At the same time, we're ensuring that we restore our mining sites by fostering respect for biodiversity. 

Restoration of the SM2E waste rock pile landfill of the Thio mine, at SLN in New Caledonia.

Restoration efforts following ceased activity on industrial sites, including the discontinuation of operations on industrial land or internal landfills, former mines, etc., requires extensive work on investigating, monitoring and managing potentially impacted land. For example, since 2010, Eramet has been conducting a major project to restore the Thio site, which had been operated since the 19th century. Sealing work has been carried out, including the installation of a waterproof membrane on the highest part of the plateau. Around 650,000 m3 of land has been moved as part of the excavation work. To combat erosion, SLN has also installed 5 hectares of embankments.

  • Responsible business: compliance, ethics, responsible management, development of the metals of the energy transition, circular economy. 

EcoTitanium plant (Auvergne)

Our Group is committed to the circular economy, particularly for optimising primary metal resources. Unveiled in 2017, the EcoTitanium plant is the number one European facility for recycling aviation-grade titanium alloys. The principle is to produce alloys from large scraps and chips of titanium collected from the leading aircraft manufacturers and their subcontractors.

Rallying an entire group

At Eramet, all of the teams are being mobilised and several bodies are directly working on making our commitments a reality: 

  • The Communication and Sustainable Development Department, notably supported by the Environment, Industrial Risks and Product Responsibility Department (DERIP) and the Public Affairs Department (DAP)
  • Networks of the Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Compliance functions 
  • Human Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committees 


To learn more about Eramet's CSR approach, consult the Group's CSR roadmap, CSR report and CSR press pack:

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